Your partner in supply of metallurgical materials


certifikát ISO "A personal approach, flexibility and innovation"

Customer satisfaction

  • Our goal is for our customers to have absolute confidence in our ability to provide top quality products delivered on time at the agreed price.
  • If there are any problems due to unforeseen circumstances we will do our utmost fo find speedy solutions to any difficulties that may arise. This is because we offer a personal flexible and innovative service to our customers.


  • Team work is very important to us. It is like in sport, teamwork is the key element to success in work and life.

Company Managemen

  • Personal involvement by the company management in all aspects of the business means top quality service is guaranteed.

Quality service

  • Customer service provided by professionally trained and skilled emplyees based on a personal approach, on education and on motivation.

Increasing competitiveness

  • We are constantly looking for innovation of method, system and technology at all levels of company management.
  • We strive to improve activities affecting the quality of services and processes to enhance their efficiency.
  • We listen to our customers and employees, we use their ideas and experiences to make the company the best it can be
  • We take on our competition with respect we percieve our competition as motivation and not as an enemy.


  • We look ahead constatnly, we monitor the market, new trends and requirements. We seek new opportunities, new products, services and technologies. In the true spirit of evolution this company is always developing and growing.


  • In the 21st century speed matters. We must work quickly and efficiently. We must keep up with technology, to have the most up to date systems and to maintain and improve good relations with suppliers.

Objectives and motivation

  • Our goal is to continuously improve everything that has an impact on customer´s satisfaction and therefore ours. We watch the competition and strive to be better.


  • Constant professional growth of company employees, expert knowledge of our products, the ability to act and comunicate are vital elements to our success.

Your partner in supply of metallurgical materials

Distribution and Logicstics

contact: +420 603 565 571

Central distribution - Adamov close to Brno
10 000m2 of warehouse and production areas

Your partner in supply of metallurgical materials


EXPONO, a.s.
Mlynska 2353/12
702 00 Ostrava

phone +420 597 587 001
fax +420 597 587 099

Branch office Adamov
Nadrazni 490
679 04 Adamov

logistics +420 775 784 407